New Stools & Fridge Update

On February 17, 2018 our new bar stools arrived. They look great and promise to last a lifetime and then some. A huge thanks goes to Sehmby Inneneinrichtung in Dübendorf for helping us get these. If you're in the market for new furniture for your home, office, or restaurant, we highly recommend working with Amrit.  

We've finally found a fridge solution that works and it has been ordered. The delivery time is between 4-6 weeks. That said, we hope it will be installed by the end of March. Fingers crossed.

2018-02-17 12.58.21.jpg

Phase 1.B. Done 

Since Saturday, our terrace has been fully finished and it looks fantastic. We couldn't have done it without the support of our backers with Of course, the garden wouldn't look this great if it weren't for the long hours and careful craftsmanship that was dedicated to it by the team at Holzwerkstatt Schmocker. W highly recommend their services and look forward to having them accompany us on the next phase of our renovation project.


Phase 1.A. Done

Yesterday, Wednesday, October 25, 2017 our beautiful corner bench and custom lighting were installed by the team from Holzwerkstatt Schmocker. The rest of the garden furniture is set to arrive on Saturday this week. Here's a little time lapse and some impressions of the finished product.


More Pictures of the Bench & Garden Lighting

The master carpenters in Rohrbach are busy putting the final touches on the big L-bench that will grace our garden as of Wednesday, October 25, 2017. Their craftsmanship with wood is equal to that shown by the brewers, whose beer we serve. Get ready, it's a new chapter for the IBB.

New Garden Tables and Stools

In the Engadin, the foresters are busy at work carving out our new garden tables and chairs. Lukas Müller from Holzwerkstatt Schmocker was able to source this Swiss Douglas Fir for us. We're hoping that the garden will be installed before mid-October. 

First pictures of bench production

We're working with the expert craftsmen at Holzwerkstatt Schmocker from Rohrbach. They've sent us these pictures of the outside bench as it's being built off site. Hopefully it'll be delivered and installed by mid October 2017.

Crowdlending Campaign - Successfully funded

As some of you may have already heard or read, we are running a Crowdlending Campaign with The International Beer Bar opened its doors almost three years ago. In that time we have become The Craft Beer Bar in Zurich. We've optimised a lot of our processes and are profitable. But we want to do more — we want to make the bar more comfortable for you - our guests and supporters. This takes money and that is why instead of going to the bank, we thought we'd go to you, our guests, friends and supporters.

What we are looking for is CHF 100'000, because we only get one chance to improve the bar at such as big scale. 

Where we stand right now

Successfully funded. Thank you!

What do we want to do?

1. Move keg storage into a new custom-built fridge behind the bar. (Save on foam loss and improve quality of beer further)

2. Improve the use of the space at the front of the bar. Low comfortable seating that can accommodate groups. (Increase seating and revenues)

3. Make our signature board more functional. (Easier for you to see what we're serving)

4. Redesign the garden with a large and comfortable L-shaped bench, lighting and new furniture. (Increase seating and comfort and attract more guests)

What are we offering?

We're offering 4.5% p.a. based on an amortised loan. This means we start paying back the money over the 5-year period.

For people lending us CHF 5'000 or more
1. You'll receive a special +1 invite to the opening apéro once the renovations have been completed
2. You'll receive a personalised IBB glass that will stay behind the bar
3. For the duration of the loan, you personally will receive a 20% discount on tap beer for themselves.
These perks will start once the campaign has been successfully funded.
For those lending us CHF 1'000 - 4'900
1. You'll also get an invite to the opening apéro once the renovations have been completed

Have we caught your attention and interest?

If this sound like something you would like to be a part of, please sign up and lend to us now. The campaign is running till the end of August 2017 or fully funded. We will not take more funding than we need. 

Here is a step-by-step guide to investing with 3circlefunding and using their platform.

Things have changed

Up until August 1, 2017, Swiss law was very clear when it came to Crowdlending. No more than 20 people could lend in 1 campaign. However, since August 1st, the 20 rule has been lifted. That means you can get in on the Campaign with just CHF 1'000.

Because this is an amortised loan, you'll start getting payments after the first month that the loan has been taken out. We've opted for 6 months interest only payments. Which means in the seventh month, you'll start to receive interest and principal repayments. 

Can I see your finances?

Yes, our accountants at Lenz Treuhand, Seefeldstrasse 35, 8008 Zürich, have done all of the reporting. As we were founded in late 2014, the reporting includes the long year 2015 and 2016.

The important investment ratios are available on to registered users interested in lending. If you would like to invest and need more than these numbers, you can contact Christian Langenegger ( for a private meeting to look at the accounts.

How much will you make?

Let's take a CHF 5'000 investment as an example.

For the first 6 months you'll get monthly interest payments of CHF 18.75

Starting in the 7th month you'll get monthly interest and principal repayments of CHF 102.46

To do the maths:

6 x 18.75 = 112.32

54 x 102.46 = 5'532.84

Total interest and repayment: 112.32 + 5'532.84 = 5645.16

Therefore, on your CHF 5'000 loan, you'll get paid back CHF 5645.16 or make CHF 646.16 in interest. You can see all the details here and play around with different amounts as well.


More comfortable Seating inside,

A better use of the floor space in the bar.


More comfortable seating outside and a more holistic feeling.

Easier to manage and easier to read beer board.

Seating and outdoor lighting for a nicer atmosphere in the garden.

Seating and outdoor lighting for a nicer atmosphere in the garden.